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Middleware Solution Simultaneously Supports Active and Passive RFID Readers

Reltronics Technologies, Inc.
November 29, 2006

Rochester, N.Y. -- Reltronics Technologies, Inc. today announced that its SmartInstrument (TM) middleware solution now supports both active, passive, and mixed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers including support for fixed and mobile RFID readers and integrated support for barcode readers.
RFID detection technologies have involved both active (employing battery-powered RFID tags) and passive technologies. SmartInstrument is a middleware that resides between the RFID readers and the end-user applications interpreting messages from the readers and providing a common file or database for the end-user application to communicate with.

"Automated RFID systems are increasing efficiencies and eliminating procedural and manual tasks, and are becoming more prevalent in the enterprise supply chain to comply with retail and government mandates," said Dr. Sanjay Ahuja, an RFID resident expert. "One way to make RFID systems more effective is to implement mixed RFID hardware technology which is the wave of the future for pallet-level and item-level detection. For example, we can utilize active technology for enclosed asset management and passive technology for pallet-level tagging. SmartInstrument makes the implementation easy since it takes the burden out of developing custom middleware solutions to support disparate readers."

SmartInstrument interprets representative RFID active or passive (including fixed, mobile, and barcode readers) operating at varied frequencies, employing remote diagnostics, interconverting communication protocols, and supporting key industry standards.

SmartInstrument is now being considered for mixed technology on several aspects: (1) It has provided unbiased flexibility to RFID system integrators and solution providers in deploying reliable and affordable reader while supporting the existing customer RFID infrastructure, (2) It has provided a vehicle to penetrate new markets by the reader manufacturers where the RFID technology already exists in the customer environment and the requirement is to support existing technologies while supporting new deployments, (3) It has enabled deployment of new RFID systems more quickly since hardware driver support already exists, (4) It has provided an opportunity to select the most appropriate or redundant mixed technology that assures 100% tag reads thereby alleviating skepticism with the RFID technology, and (5) It has allowed support for barcode readers simultaneous with RFID detection.

Presently, SmartInstrument supports the Symbol, Alien, Wavetrend, and HHT readers with additional drivers for Intermec, ThingMagic, and Psion readers already in beta trials. For more information, please visit the company's website at, write at or call them at (585) 368-5905.


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