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Mobile RFID Reader

RFID Lab Develops New Biztalk RFID Provider For Motorola Mobile RFID Reader

June 11, 2009

With more and more organizations inquiring about the benefits of RFID technology and beginning to understand how vertical applications can provide more immediate ROI, Academia RFID Centre of Excellence's Technical Expertise and Software Team (TESTeam) have developed, tested and implemented a Microsoft BizTalk 2006 R2 Provider that allows for easy integration of the Motorola RD5000 Mobile RFID Reader.
Working with a group of RFID software developers, system engineers and interested end-users in the Academia RFID Applications Development Lab, the TESTeam set out to develop a provider component and mobile server component to interface between the pallet-jack and forklift-mounted mobile RFID reader and BizTalk RFID, enabling RFID tag data transmissions. A second version supports inputs from the reader's built in accelerometer and proximity sensor.

"With the flow of people coming in and out of our Centre and inquiring about cost-efficient applications, whether during training sessions or with their solution/equipment testing mandates, it became obvious that we needed to demo mobile solutions that could showcase the potential opportunities of warehouse management solutions using wireless RFID devices as an alternative to a fixed RFID infrastructure," said Amninder Randhawa, Technical Director of the Academia RFID TESTeam.

"Having worked extensively with Microsoft BizTalk RFID 2006 Server, we knew that a BizTalk interface for the RD5000 was essential and as of yet, not readily available on the market. We took the opportunity to build our own; which also helped us to dive further into the BizTalk layers and develop an even more profound expertise with the RFID middleware," said Michel Comeau, a senior software specialist and part of the Academia RFID TESTeam.

For more information on the implementation details and software properties, please visit our website to download the PDF

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